33 Tweets About The Keto Diet That Will Make You LOL

The New Year has officially arrived, which means so has the desire to revamp eating habits. And it seems everyone is going keto.

The ketogenic diet, aka keto, is a low-carb eating plan that aims to propel the body into a state of ketosis (basically when your body burns fat for energy). According to doctors and nutritionists, the keto diet has pros and cons, so it’s best to do your research and chat with your physician before diving in.

The keto life calls for lots of fat and protein, and very little sugar and carbohydrates. This means foods like cheese, avocados, meat (including seafood), nuts and eggs are acceptable. Fruits, grains, root vegetables and added sugar are off-limits.

Needless to say, going keto can be a challenge, as well as a source of humor. And, like other trendy eating plans, the keto diet has become the subject of jokes from the funny folks of the Twitter-verse.

We’ve rounded up 33 humorous tweets about the keto diet from those in pursuit of ketosis and those observing the fad from afar. Read them below and be prepared to laugh:

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