Michael Phelps Ate A Pound Of Pasta After Winning Gold In Rio

What do you do after you clinch your 19th Olympic gold medal? Hit the spaghetti bar, of course.

Swimming superstar Michael Phelps just might be able to win a medal in competitive eating, too, for the meal he consumed after his epic win on Sunday night.

Upon returning to the Olympic Village, “I think I had a pound of pasta and spaghetti,” he told the Associated Press. “And I’m not a spaghetti fan but I forced myself to eat it.” Whoa.

[embedded content]

While that’s MUCH more pasta than most of our stomachs would be able to handle, Phelps chose his typically humongous meal for a reason: Carbohydrates are said to aid muscle recovery after a workout, especially when paired with protein.

Some of the healthiest people in the world eat a lot of carbs, however, it’s key to make sure those come from healthy, unprocessed sources, are part of a good overall diet, and come alongside plenty of physical activity. (We think he’s got that covered.)

All things considered, this is a delicious reason to whip up some healthy summer pasta recipes tonight. Bon appétit!

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