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What is your main goal?

What is your gender?

How old are you?

How tall are you?

What is your current weight?

How much would you like to weigh?

Describe your typical day:

How often do you exercise?

How often do you walk?

Do you check your heart rate during exercise?

How many times a week would you like to exercise?

How much time do you want to devote to training?

Select the activities that interest you:

Do you want to add special programs?

Which areas need the most attention?

On average, how long do you sleep at night?

How often do you have trouble sleeping?

How do you feel after waking up?

How are your energy levels during the day?

When do you usually have breakfast?

When do you usually have lunch?

When do you usually have dinner?

How much water do you drink daily?

Are you on a diet?

Which gender do you prefer for your ideal trainer?

What level of intensity do you want from your trainer?

How would you describe your ideal coach?

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